Hole, or tunnel?

Another day on the slog. And I'm slowly losing patience.
I've started to understand people who say that this city drains you. It's not so much the hours, the commuting, crammed on the Tube with hundreds of strap-hanging strangers reading the Standard and ignoring you. It's not the fact that the place is expensive. It's just the fact that I feel like I'm getting on the Tube every day, and getting off every night, and still not going anywhere. Letting emails, tweets, phonecalls and applications go speeding off into the world, and still sitting in the same place. I've lost inspiration.
Here's an outfit. This makes it better.
Sometimes unlikely combinations work quite well - brown and black is, as I have no doubt mentioned before, is one of my major fashion crimes. But since camels, earthy colours, all that jazz, are statement colours for the season, I thought it was worth a try. I think it was good.
With luck my Andy Sachs moment will kick in soon - I'm just not sure how long I can stick out the situation. It's hard supporting a team when you have no real likelihood of becoming part of that team. Emotionally, as well as financially, I'm in trouble.
And I've even over-saturated my desire to shop.
I've got a week until I have to put my next move in place. So until then, it's really just a case of sitting and waiting.

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