I'm, like, FAMOUS and shit

Whoops, there go all my good vibes about avoiding gratuitous swearing on the blog.
Basically, my DLF (anyone who gets the literally reference gets a high five) at Dead Stylish has given me this:
Look! A blog award! Not had one of them in AGES!
So I will put on my ballgown, practise fake-crying in a mirror and reveal (as this weird award demands) five things about myself that you didn't already know, and then five fabulous bloggers deserving of this award.

1) The worst illness I've ever had is the flu. I haven't taken a day off sick since I was 11. My immune system makes germs its bitch. I am practically Wolverine.

2) I have absolutely no interest in Lanvin for H&M.
Seriously. I find shopping exhausting, because often I get taken over by a mad shopping demon with the mantra 'you can't leave until you've bought something and if you do YOU'VE WASTED A WHOLE DAY'. Now my huge wardrobe is starting to make sense, right? And the idea of the scrum that H&M is going to turn into on the first day just makes me feel queasy thinking about it. Plus, the stuff is nice, but the idea of paying a ridiculous price for a label saying 'Lanvin for H&M' on a relatively nice piece of clothing that bares very little resemblance to real Lanvin when you could just save your money to buy some, y'know, actual Lanvin is totally beyond me. I don't get designer collaborations. Kate Moss for Topshop takes the overpriced biscuit.

3) I have only ever been drunk once.
I was three, and a bridesmaid at a wedding that made the mistake of leaving Buck's Fizz within my reach. Since then, I have mellowed. You know when you're playing at pouring 'tea' with your plastic teapot aged four? I used to pour Chablis. I used to be a right wine buff in my early teens (when on a school trip to Germany in Year 8, we were taken to a vineyard, given a thimble-sized sample and asked to describe it. The others used words like 'sweet' and 'nice', while I asked if based on its sweetness if it was intended as a pudding wine, and got approving nods from all the staff), but the idea of losing total control when out in a darkened room full of sweaty strangers is not my idea of fun. I also hate the feeling of comedown - the exhilaration of a few drinks is totally not worth the exhausted feeling you get trying to function afterwards. I clearly need to get more drunk next time so I am not the responsible one looking after my drunk friends and having to be boring.

4) Ok, family one. I have never met my maternal grandfather.
Not because he died before I was born, but because, following a breakdown, he was advised to leave his wife and kids, and completely detached himself from everyone. He knew that my mum got married and had kids (his sister was still in contact with my grandma and all of us until she died). I'm not sure if he knew the sad circumstances surrounding his son's death, though. I'm not sure what he would have made of all of us. I hope he had a better life on his own, without having to worry about looking after any of us. Incidentally, my grandma, having never been the breadwinner before, went on to build a travel business out of nothing. You may be starting to see where some of my massive fears of failure come from.

5) I'm a Sagittarian, the centaur/archer, which apparently means I'm great at languages and a born leader. Over the course of my life, I have taken lessons in French, German, Italian, Ancient Greek, Latin, Old English and Old Norse, and have qualifications in four of them. I have also, during my many happy youthful years as a fantasy writer and Tolkien enthusiast, invented three incomplete languages (and yes, they were pretty much lifted from LOTR, but they had proper grammar and everything). But I am yet to fully master English. And I have never been good at leading. I think it's my not-so-subconscious fear of people disliking, resenting, or worse, pitying me.

Ok.....other bloggers deserving of this award!

Basically, my blogroll is truly a list of all the awesome people I think you really should check out, and picking five is hard. But these five are great inspiration (fashion and otherwise) for me of late, so these five it is!

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  1. Brilliant! I loved this. So sad about your Grandfather...I have only met mine twice too for family related reasons. Good on your Grandma though!

    "I think it's my not-so-subconscious fear of people disliking, resenting, or worse, pitying me." - you actually make me laugh out loud.


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