It's a no brainer

Why waste your time standing in the cold and then wrestling in the stifling heat with 100+ others for the same dress that's worth 25% of the asking price, and will probably just get put on eBay in a week...
...when you can get these instead?

For only £16. Beats getting repetitive strain injury in your fingers to try and get the last Lanvin frilly party dress that you can guarentee everyone else at your fashion party will be wearing. I'm thinking of putting these over a pair of white tights and rocking them with a loose-fit white shirt.

(It's worth adding that I was introduced to these amazing pants by my esteemed fellow historian and general mad person Paperback Rioter, who is trying to distract himself from writing his thesis by any means necessary. I don't make a habit of trawling the internet for pants featuring historical figures.)

And they aren't just for the girls! My sources tell me that you can get one with Elizabeth I's face on too! It's your lucky day, boys.


  1. LOVE those! Do they come with some other historical figures? Because, frankly, I wouldn't want Henry at that age near, much less on, my pants. How about Sir Francis Drake? Or John Wilmot? ;-)

  2. I find myself wondering what I would do if I were to undress a beautiful young woman only to be confronted by the visage of King Henry VIII. Winston Churchill's invasion propaganda posters spring to mind..."Keep calm and carry on!"
    ...Loving the blog Jo brings back memories of the Lifestyle day's.


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