Never forget who you are, little star

Still no snow. Though it's like living in Siberia right now - the frosty cold, the temperature hardly rising above freezing...but life goes on. Another tube strike today (thankfully not affecting me) so London once again becomes a gridlocked mess.
I thought I might have had the chance to leave the gridlocked mess to apply for a serious job, that would have given me a real career advancement, back in my home city. Today I discovered that, in fact, it wouldn't be a guarentee at all, and that I'd, in fact, be mad to move home to security, job or otherwise, when compared to all that I have here. I'm starting to really like my jobs (both of them) and I have great friends here. I just wish I could spend Christmas out of the grimness of this city. I don't like the view from my window. I'll miss looking out across my home city, seeing out as far as the woods on the other side of it, seeing the mist set in on the streets and around the lampposts on my street (the number of stories I've started that feature that lamppost...) You can't even walk in a park here without hearing police sirens.
I may not have the view, but at least I'm warm.
I have a new coat. Every year I have to get a new winter coat. It's like a ritual. This year's is from Zara and is an early birthday present from my grandma.
I also have a few new items of jewellery - been on the hunt for some sweet gold pendants for a while and found these two. Been after a gold wishbone charm for ages and though this one is a tad too small, it'll do, and it's subtle enough to wear with other things. I need my luck.
And on a completely non-related note, I have a massive (and completely justified) style crush on Katie McGrath. Or rather, Katie McGrath as Morgana in Merlin. For any readers who haven't yet discovered the delights of Merlin, it's the BBC's family-friend reimagining of the Arthurian legends, told through the eyes of a teenaged Merlin, in the service of the teenage prince Arthur Pendragon (yes, they mess with the legends a lot, but that makes it even better when they weave the real legends into it). Katie, as Morgana, is all alabaster skin, beautiful hair and stunning clothes, and between her and Colin Morgan as Merlin, there's enough chiseled cheekbone to cut diamonds.
Gah. I wish I got to play dress-up in that and make eyes at Colin Morgan (sure they're 'I'm your nemesis and I'm going to kill you' eyes, but that's still a lot of locked eye contact) all day. And hang out with Richard Wilson and John Hurt.

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