Nowhere to hide

Cripes, it's November! Where is this year going? I can still remember wading through deep snow in January. Time flies when you're busy.
Comparing my numbers of blog posts as the months have gone on...October took a noticeable dip. I am run ragged and am so tired and know I'll never be able to fully commit to this blog while I'm living the lifestyle that I currently am (seven days a week at work, seeing friends almost every night and no time to form coherent thought other than 'hmmm, why would I be best suited to this job?' ) so I knew it would go on the backburner, which is a tad frustrating. But you can't force these things.
It's been a long hard day of lots of legwork (not literally, that's Wednesday when the tube strike is on!) - I'm extra-tired, don't feel great and am generally a tad irritable and snappy.
But no matter how bad a day I was having, for some reason, a little voice in my brain said 'go on, wear a short, skin-tight dress that doesn't allow you to hide anything! You'll look great!'
And I agreed with the little voice.
I know that sounds big-headed, but it made me feel better, that I could go to work, in a roomful of people I hardly know, and wear something that revealing, and get up and down from my chair without having to pull the dress down at the back due to being self-conscious. Maybe I am too fat for it. But I don't think I am. So that's what matters.

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  1. You have an absolutely gorgeous figure - the word 'fat' shouldn't even be anywhere near your vocabulary! I wish I had the confidence to wear something so short and tight - and you don't look remotely slutty! (that is a compliment, even if it sounds a bit mental.)
    And lovelovelove the rouge noir, obv. How much did it set you back? xx


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