Remember, remember

Sorry for the few days' silence - thought I'd let the below post sit for a bit. Thanks for all the feedback (including an email from my mum saying she liked it); I feel really proud to be creating a bit of a dialogue out here on the fringes.
Had a busy few days, as ever. Yesterday was working at the opening of a new restaurant and bar in Notting Hill. I counted the designer shoes and bags. There was a Balenciaga, two Bayswaters, a few Hermes and a token Alexa, along with the Louboutin boots worn by Alexandra Burke in her Bad Boys video. I do love watching wealth walking past on perfectly toned legs.
Meanwhile, I was working the Jenny Humphrey Season Three dress.
The Gossip Girl styling team worked a lot of Topshop into Jenny's look last season. I bought this dress before the series first aired, but haven't worn it yet this year, season. (Just typed winter, but realised it's still technically autumn and it's so warm outside it can't even really be called that!) So I thought it would do for the evening. It's the perfect shape for me, and I can't believe I haven't worn it more.
My makeup has taken on Jenny's 'raccoon' edge, which basically means I use black or dark brown eyeshadow to line my eyes. At the end of today, what with the rain, humidity and laughing a lot (my eyes often run when I laugh), I looked like a really bad robber.
Made the mistake of wearing Topshop suede kitten-heel witchy boots today. Did more walking than I anticipated and they got a tad wet. Not good. Plus I should know better than to buy Topshop shoes. They look great, they don't last.
But one product I'll happily rave about is a new one from Barry M. It's called Instant Nail Effects. Basically, you paint it on over your regular nail varnish, and it looks like black matte varnish, but as it dries, it cracks. Ends up giving you a very cool camoflauge effect that's as good as a professional manicure but for about a tenth of the price. I've got green on with the Nail Effects now and it's very military. Definitely a must-buy product!


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