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Hello world! Hope everyone had a suitably festive Christmas and got all the goodies they wanted. I did quite well this year, but have also suffered a massive case of 'didn't think that through' - asked for dumbbells for birthday, got them, now have to lug them back to London with me tomorrow. Whoops.
Oh well, small problems. I have also acquired a new camera, which is a bit of a brick but has a truly kick-ass zoom and other fun functions I can't wait to play with. Darned instructions are on a CD-Rom...
Doesn't mean I couldn't have a little fun with my old one in the meantime...

Phwoarrrr. I do love a good old-fashioned golden light to add a Susan Hill quality to everything. This is right by my house.
No mystical churches right by my London house though (just had a fab idea to go and shoot in the churchyard one night and give myself a heart attack every time something creaks...and find a friend to be The Doctor, of course), and I return there tomorrow. Land of the small bed, the total lack of heating (well, practically) and the general state of fear. But it's not 2011 yet. I have a few more days panic-free.
Look, here's a picture of my Christmas Day outfit.
Hurrah for lace panelling and velvet! This dress is actually a gorgeous cranberry colour (I love cranberries) and it makes me happy to wear it. Will have to find a few more occassions before it gets warmer. Though apparently we can expect another cold snap soon, so it'll be back on with the Artic furs. It felt positively mild doing sales shopping (major let-down, as always).
But now it's time for one last kip in the double bed with the soft mattress before back to the Big Smoke, armed with two dumbbells, lots of new pairs of socks and the Mad Men boxset. Hang on to your hats.

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