By faith I know, but ne'er can tell

Lily at Bleed for Fashion has asked her readers what happiness is.
As I said over there, I have no idea. It's just a feeling. I can't tell you what makes me happy one minute, as it will no doubt make me sad the next.
All I know is that I gave up security, stability and comfort, am alone again and have the most uncertain of futures, but as a friend observed the other night, I look happy. I haven't been this happy, or content, in a long time.


  1. I'm still struggling with whether I believe in "happiness." Sometimes I'm content (not at this very moment), but is that the same thing as being happy? I confuse myself far too often.



  2. Same here. I was just thinking I'm going to look back at this time as the best in my life.

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  4. great layers of skirting! love it! most unique look i've seen today!

  5. I enjoy reading her blog and thoughts on life. She is straight forward and direct. I'm spending a CHristmas by myself by the looks of it. Family on the other side of the globe, flatmate visiting her family in another country, no boyfriend, the few friends I have will be doing stuff with their family. Horrid this time of the year.


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