Gem of Antiquity

And just in case you were worried that this has turned into some lonely Christian outreach programme, here's something fashion-related.
Have had plenty of exposure to the Pirelli 2011 Calendar, featuring twelve assorted models and celebrities styled around the theme of Mythology. More specifically, the Greek pantheon. Shot by the King of the fashion pantheon, Karl Lagerfeld.
Now, I'm not a massive fan of models in the Daisy School of Gratuitous Nipple Exposure, but I can't fault this image. It's flawless. Erin's androgyny (who's reminded of Patroclus?) - her steely determination and strong features with a gentle, pure femininity - is the perfect quality for this shoot. I can't get over this image. It's incredible. 
Now if you'll excuse me, there's a large amount of snow outside that demands my attention. 
Oh, that's right, I'm at work. Damn.

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  1. i love the pirelli calendar! I am not sure if I love all the ones that karl shot for 2011, but this one was one of my favorites...for the exact reasons that you mentioned above.


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