Good things come to those who ask

I had a very active day - a nice walk by the river at lunchtime and a run along the South Bank in the evening. The lights on the water are so beautiful. Even though it is the centre of the city and bustling and grim.
This really isn't a fashiony blog any more is it? I imagine it's turned into a poor imitation of Lily 'Bleed for Fashion's blog. But that's what life is now, and that's what this blog is - a narrative of my actual life, punctuated by my love of fashion, but also by my love of inspiring and beautiful things. Be they fashion or otherwise.
Besides, it's getting harder to get decent outfit pictures, and to find the time to read all the magazines and other blogs for 'research'. I still haven't properly read this month's Elle, with its stunning cover featuring Carey Mulligan looking like something from a Bourjois campaign. As the dream of working in fashion media starts to fade, so does the need for me to constantly read these things. They just remind me of how far away I am from that old dream. They also make me question whether letting the dream die is the right thing to do. And you know I hate questions.
So instead I just dress how I want (though I chickened out of wearing the top/dress I wore today as a dress and put a skirt over it) and get on with it. One day I'll get spotted.
Oh, and for those of you who commented on my skull ring in yesterday's post, how do you like this little guy?


  1. That's the McQueen one? It is quite spectacular. I keep seeing this image of this four finger McQueen ring that is the most amazing thing ever. Do you know which one I'm talking about? It is perfect.

  2. It is indeed a McQueen...was dithering over buying it (and kind of wish I'd waited as the more recent ones are AMAZING) but am very glad I did as this range must be worth something stupid on eBay (bought it last year, prior to the tragedy). And yes, I do know the one you mean...though four-finger rings are rather impractical!

  3. The ring...love it.

    As for your outfit, I love the striking silhouette that the flare in your coat creates, and that bag is gorgeous!!


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