Trying to feel festive

Sorry I've been AWOL, blog fans. It's been a very, very busy week and at the moment I'm generally posting from work. I spent a luxuriously quiet Saturday night making meatballs and watching Inception - my first night in this week. That's how awesome my life is right now.
Speaking of awesome, look what finally arrived in Topshop? I've been going on and on about this dress since I first saw it in the pictures of their AW campaign, but they saw fit to save it for the festive season. I bought the dress version, as the maxiskirt I'd seen advertised would no doubt not have fitted properly.
My house is, once more, in a state of general disaray (so what's new) with a plumber crawling around in the roof (which he had to get to via my ceiling, so no lie-in for me). I'm currently sitting in the living room being cleaned up around. Maybe it's time for work.
Just as I thought things were finally falling into place, life continues to throw little spanners into the works.
But it's nice to know, if only at this time of year, that we can get away, just a little bit, and remember something good in the world.
A friend of mine invited a bunch of us over to her house to put up the tree, drink mulled wine and eat mince pies. Festive times were had.
I can't really concentrate as I'm currently mid-building-site, so I'll come back when I have something useful to say. Happy two weeks before the day after Christmas!

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