Apparently....this is hardcore

(Image via the Daily Telegraph website)
I was having a chat with a friend of mine who is a very talented fashion photographer. He is keen to increase exposure for a client he's worked with by means of a new shoot to broaden the appeal of said client, to the hipster youth of the East End. So by leading magazine, we're talking Love, iD, Dazed and Confused, Wonderland....and all the more obscure ones that a mainstream poser like me has never heard of. 
I've never read any of said magazines religiously. I've dipped into them, mainly just to see that paint-splattered photoshoot with Daniel Radcliffe. But I don't like them. They're printed on unnecessarily costly paper, make Vogue's first twenty pages of ads look restrained and generally make no sense. Sure, in my earlier days on this site I should really have frantically name-dropped some kitsch Japanese designers as championed by Dazed, but judging by the furore around them, the mags are hardly about the rags these days. They don't sell clothes, they sell a lifestyle and an attitude.   
That attitude generally just seems to be all about sex, avoiding the top shelf only by means of a sultry expression or some strategically placed strapline or person's hands (can't get the image of Daisy Lowe's Dazed cover out of my head, her tongue snaking out of her mouth like a Grecian monster) and selling us boobs, here and now. This image is of the latest cover, of Kate Moss (naturally) kissing a trans-gendered model for the upcoming 'androgyny' issue, is a shining example. It's got two women kissing on the cover! But wait! One isn't technically a woman! In your FACE, convention! 
Except....I just can't get that bizarre strapline out of my head. The magazine has a picture of two sort-of-women kissing, heavily styled in a kind of retro-90s-meets-70s-punk take on androgyny, locked in the most posed kiss I've ever seen. And apparently, all this, all that we've seen before, but with a slightly modern twist with the trend for trans-gendered models, is hardcore? 
Is it? Really?
*goes back to Vogue's catwalk supplement.*

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