Be red or be dead

When the going gets tough, the tough works out her aggression pounding the pavements and punching the air in South London, laughs a lot with good friends and colleagues, buys redder than red shoes, and dyes her hair even redder than red.
And shows off her fabulous new camera - Merry Christmas to me! I took this photo with a colour accent to emphasise the red; I'm sure there'll be some regular pictures of it soon enough.
The last few nasty days, I feel like I've lost my mojo a little. I feel lonely, and like there's even more pressure on me than ever to succeed, not because I'm doing it for me, but because I have to beat him. So I wear grey to match my mood.
And wear my hair red. Red for war, red for passion, red for bravery. To remind me who I am, and that it'll take a lot more than this to wash that person away.


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