Girls Rock

It's been almost a week since I last posted. I'm clearly the worst blogger in the world. And for that I apologise. I've been super-busy, of course - haven't been able to see clearly (that's not a metaphor, that's a fact - I blame tiredness) and have been finishing up my previous schedule of working every hour the Lord sends. Yep, no more shop work for me, blog fans! As of today, I am no longer a shopgirl. 
Which means I will no longer harbour resentment for high street stores. Well, that I can't guarentee, but I can certainly stop looking at them from a lunch-break-killing, customer-service-judging perspective and start to enjoy the bounty of the new season. 
I wrote very briefly about how the new season catwalks are a total mishmash of looks and styles, and they are. Spring/Summer, from my experience, seems a very tricky season to get right for high street shops, largely down to the unpredictable British weather. This season is no exception, and appears to be even more of a mishmash than previous years, with a riot of prints, colour and embellishment. Think cerulian blue, stinging neon brights and fringing, fringing, fringing. 
I finally got a good look at the Topshop SS'11 lookbook...
(Images from here and  here)
And after some initial reservations, I actually love it. Totally mad, yes, virtually unwearable, yes. Topshop's lookbooks always seem to straddle the fine line between RTW catwalk and easy-to-wear high street, but I think all but the most hardened fashion bloggers will shy away from the vast majority of this lot. 
It did help to inforce my belief that the 70s is well and truly back, but in the far more acceptable form of the 70s music stars. As a 'yay you got a job' present to myself I bought a deeply impractical and decidedly fabulous fringed leather jacket in bright crimson (yes, I know, I should just get a mullet right now) which will help me on my quest to channel Joan Jett this summer. 
And it looks like we'll all be channeling some of music's reigning queens of cool come summer...


  1. Beautiful photos. Thank you very much for sharing, I'm so much entertained by this blog.
    Brad Fallon

  2. Can't even imagine this jacket... looking forward to the first pic!

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  4. I am now absolutely in love with the Spring Topshop collection! So dangerous, my wallet currently in hiding, I absolutely want it all. Thank you for sharing, even though it may end badly!