In your daddy's arms again

Just a great cover I found - Sandra of 5 Inch And Up introduced me to Fever Ray. When I feel down I like to turn to one of three male singers to make myself feel better - Julian Cope, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. It's like being sung to by an old friend or a doting partner (yes, even though Phil Collins is a serial divorcee and a bit on the bald side) and they all have songs fit to comfort and reassure me. 
This song is Fever Ray covering Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street, a song that he sings to be sombre, mysterious and melancholy but also shot through with slivers of hope that come from beautiful music (see Queen's Who Wants To Live Forever). Fever Ray adds a spiritual, ethereal and aggressive rawness to the song. She's been berated for the growing trend among the hip for something called 'cultural appropriation', where a certain individual adopts traditions from certain cultures and incorporates them into their personal image. I really couldn't care less. 

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