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I'm getting pretty tired of this 'no free time' nonsense. I will miss the look of shock on peoples' faces when I tell them I work seven days a week (it works especially well on friends who are still students and adults who have kids soon to graduate) but I'm really looking forward to a time when a weekend becomes as great as all those DJs seem to make out.
But for now, and for a good while if all goes wrong, only my evenings will be free. There's just not enough time.
In a way this has been an incredibly good thing, because it does allow me to suck all the marrow out of life (if you recognise what I'm quoting from, you get a high five) in the moments I get that are mine. Encountering a friend with yet another adoring boyfriend and having her simultaneously grill me like a Sex and the City cast member but pity me like a maiden aunt on my love life - and her slight disbelief that I remain nonchalantly single - was not exactly up there with my top ten, especially when she recounts, loudly and shamelessly, details of my life that I've tried to keep quiet. I've always been a lone wolf, something she also noted, and nothing fills me with more satisfaction than the freedom I've gained since coming here, standing on my own two feet and having to fix all my own problems, while knowing, as I do, that I have a truly wonderful network upon which to call, should the need arise.  But since I feel like I'm constantly waiting on the very important decision of others, I can't feel truly free just yet. There's only so much marrow I can take before I choke on the bone. Balanced on a knife edge. And I feel like taking off...
Let me be your supernova...
Continuing my obsession with galaxy prints - I arrived early for work and had time for a little cheeky sale browsing. I loved this dress from the first time I saw it but I avoided it because a) I couldn't afford it b) it's clingy and unflattering and c) halternecks are tricky. But b) and c) are easily fixed thanks to exercise plan, the weight I've lost since living on a diet of Heinz soup and adrenalin and the weird, deluded self-confidence I seem to have, and a) was not a problem. A tenner. Winner!
Also a winner...I've bought a couple of pairs of shoes in the sales. The others are divine and you will see on a later date. I had been eyeing those up for a while.
But these? From a crowded sale rack, these spoke to me...

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  1. I so heart that dress. Looking good Jo!

    Also irritated by the patronising couple-y thing - I'm lucky enough not to have suffered from it, but I am indignant on your behalf.


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