New Year, New You

Hope everyone had a great time seeing in the New Year.

On previous years, I've not been a fan of New Year. I've spent evenings at friends' houses, gone to bed at 11pm to prove a point. I've never really liked the 'forced festive' feeling of letting another year die and saying goodbye to all the joy of the festive season.

But for the first time in a good long time, I was impatient for midnight to come and the New Year, with all its fabulous prospects and new excitements, to begin.

Plus, the South Bank fireworks were pretty awesome.
In the past year, I've experienced incredible highs and crushing lows. I've had my heart broken a few times, I'm pretty sure I may have done my own damage along the way. I've taken big risks, but I really hope that this year, it'll all pay off.

And everything has been worth it. Every error, every risk, every bad move, has been worth it.

So here's to 2011! I plan to be even more fabulous this year than I was last year. I plan to get a job, have a great time with great people, get fit, read more books, eat better, write thoughtfully and regularly, and generally be the best that I can be.
Oh, and I put a picture up of me, taken two days ago in a changing room. I know it sounds a tad bigheaded, but I've worked hard this year, both at work and to look like I do now. When I finished university, I was over 11 stone and not happy in the slightest. Now, I finally feel happy with the way I look. I feel confident, secure and, well, grown up.
And I hope it continues.
So here's a little motivation for me, and you all - if I can look in the mirror at the end of this year and be as happy with what's looking back as I am now, I'll consider it a good year.

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