Only the strong

Turquoise is my birthstone. It's supposed to bring good health. (And apparently massively veiny hands that make me look like a bodybuilder. Winner.)
I'm not sure about health, but I've certainly got a whole bunch of other good stuff in truckloads. Still got the old ups and downs, but have clearly got such a fantastic network of friends and supporters to help me with fixing the ol' safety net. So thanks, to everyone who ever thinks positive things about other people, who listens to them on the phone and who sends them amusing cards just to make them laugh. You are putting the light back into someone's life right now.
Ok, cheesy crap over. I have a LOAD to say about some interesting stuff, so expect this week to be crammed full of posts about SS11, the media's latest witchhunt, when bloggers bite back and, of course, some hella good outfits.
But right now, I'm exhausted, having spent the whole weekend at work, having spent the last hour cheering at the return of Being Human, and having had only a few hours' sleep last night on account of being out 'til 4AM with some lovely new friends. Mm-hm. Let the good times ROLL. I'm feeling lucky.

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  1. Those rings are to die for. I wish turquoise was my birthstone.


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