Rule the school

So yes...come summer, I will be wearing a lot of cutoff t-shirts and skinny jeans. I'm thinking a bright red pair, a la Isabel Marant.
Spring/Summer on the high street, and on the catwalks, appears to be pretty erratic. I tend to measure these things by the Topshop campaign, and judging by that, it's still trying to find its feet. Part summer holiday by the beach, part wet camping trip to Wales, the styling of heavy duty raincoat with cutesy woven wedge sandals, and socks...ironic? Dated? All I know is I'll be making up my own style rules this summer. And since Grazia claims that Joan Jett will be a style icon, and with my new curling irons giving me slight Rizzo hair, I think I'll be working the 70s biker babe thing. Any bikers handy?
And come summer, I will be in London. Yes, it's confirmed. After all this time, the universe is throwing me a bone.
So don't expect me to say anything coherent or sensible. I've spent the evening running along the South Bank and whooping euphorically at the Mad Men Series Three finale. I'm still high as a kite.

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