Who wore what - The Golden Globes

So....last night was The Golden Globes! It was a star-studded, heavy-hitting (The Fighter-related pun, right there) night of big wins, surprise victories and Olivia Wilde dressed as something usually seen through the Hubble telescope. Read on for my pick of the very best outfits...
Anyone thinking of starting a diet this month? I'll be pinning this picture of the divine Anne Hathaway above my mirror...to remind myself to be realistic and accept that I'll never look this good, ever. 
Similarly, I can't ever hope to look this beautiful while pregnant. The Best Actress winner is one hot momma. And that baby is going to be beautiful too. So long as it's not a signet. 
Christina Hendricks, still inexplicably attached to weird anemone-like shoulder details, but finally letting those gorgeous curls hang free. The dress is a perfect colour too. 
Claire Danes appears to have borrowed the Hendricks' sultry stare, but has kept her own cutesy/demure look with this rather bland pink number. But the fusion of simple skirt and sultry halterneck, along with the sophisticated up do, somehow seem to work. The perfect accessory would, of course, been her yummy husband...
Here's a woman who understands the importance of the 'husband-as-alternative-to-cute-clutch-bag' (or statuette, for that matter) argument. May I suggest that Angeline wears nothing but green for the rest of her life?
Two more lovely brunettes working the green. Catherine looks like she's wearing fake grass. But in a good way. Yes, there is a good way. Mila's is a tad too cheap-looking for her probably-going-to-get-Oscar-nominated status (shiny fabrics just shout 'cheap Hollywood starlet') to me, but it still works. 
Kelly O continuing to go from strength to strength.
Leighton ditches the usual 'fierce' minidress and 'killa' heels option to go with something floaty and frothy. Slightly ruined by her moody expression, but we love her too much to care. 
But not as much as we love Helena-Bonham Carter and her determination to look totally out of place everywhere she goes. She's even got mis-matched shoes! Revel in her kookiness, mere mortals. 
But keep your wits about you, or you might get absorbed through the portral onto The Grid, via Olivia Wilde's massive princess dress. 

Oh, and in other news, The Social Network won everything. Including Best Animated Film (note: it didn't). Gods be praised. 

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