Another awards show

It's getting to that time of year where we can't move for pictures of beautiful people in beautiful dresses. Yep, awards season is well and truly upon us. The Oscars, as good as any fashion week, are only weeks away, but first we had the creme de la creme doing their test run at the BAFTAs.
It seems that a memo went out this year that dresses had to be long, long, long, and there were more maxi-skirts (can I say that, if they're on ballgowns? Hell, it's my blog) than you can shake one of The King's Speech's awards at. Here's my pick of the best looks.
Thandie Newton can always be relied upon to wear something a) pretty and b) flattering. She delivers here; a few unfortunate floor-length gowns ended up leaving the wearers looking shapeless. Not Thandie. I do love a diagonal wrap effect on the bodice. 
Fashionistas are frothing at the mouth over Jessica Alba's dress. Aside from making her look pregnant (oh wait, she is? Oh well) and it being a divine colour, it does nothing for her. 
*jaw drops*
*picks jaw up off the floor*
Phwoar. Jennifer Lawrence giving a masterclass in pulling off a corset. And ramping up the Victoriana sex factor with a velvet choker. 
Another walking definition of sex on legs. Gemma Arterton may not have the perfect polishing that she's shown at previous events, but the colour, the fabric and the 'yes I've just spent an hour recreating something from a Jilly Cooper novel' hair and cheeky smile pulls the whole look together. Sass, velvet, and sexiness. It gets you everywhere. 
Someone needs to tell that to Emma Watson, who has all the goods - cute hair, sweet face, lovely dress - to make it work but I've trawled a few image galleries and I'm yet to find a picture of her looking anything but uncomfortable. Posing is everything. 
Tracey Emin was elsewhere on the red carpet, but Tallulah Riley seems to have been copying her facial expressions. Unfortunate timing this shot may have, but I'm too distracted from what's essentially a nice dress with some escaped tinfoil by Tallulah's 'hot mess' from the neck up. 
She made have made a mess of her role as a presenter, but Rosamund Pike looks amazing, as always. Damn her. 
Recovering nicely from her fake tan accident at the Golden Globes, Emma Stone goes back to a natural skintone and looks all the better for it in her Grecian-inspired gown. I'm guessing Lanvin, as it looks suspiciously like one Blake Lively has been seen wearing. But the colour of this is far better, especially for Emma's ethereal colouring. 
And Bellatrix Lestrange looks...well, more normal than usual. Helena is well-known among us Brits as being a bit of an eclectic dresser, but compared to the Golden Globes she's relatively restrained here. Still with the right amount of winning, magisterial kook though. 
And then we have the youth troop. Hailee Steinfeld, star of True Grit, is reminiscent of Carey Mulligan's Prada Oscars outfit with the simplicity and the black, and while a tad frumpy, it's far superior to Emma Watson's youthful red carpet efforts. But then again, Emma Watson was never an Oscar nominee for her first role...
And finally, my pick of the bunch. 
Bonnie Wright, the other girl in Harry Potter (for those who don't recognise her out of cords and dodgy jumpers), and fast emerging as a major style player. I just can't fault it. 
(All images via The Daily Telegraph)

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