Red heart and Blackheart

So, as I said, I'll be channeling two good ol' fashioned role models for my spring/summer wardrobe, and while it's still chilly outside there are sneaky hints of spring in the air.
As I said, I wore my defiant red dress on Valentine's Day.
This dress may look familiar - I have it in mustard yellow too. When you find something you love, buy it in every colour.
So, Peggy kind of won out on Monday, with a tiny hint of Joan in the colour. Flared A-line skirt and waist-belt are right up my favourite Mad...woman's street, but the in-your-face shade of crimson is far more Joan. Both Joans, in fact - I found myself watching the Valentine's ep of Mad Men from Series 2 the other day, and Ms Holloway cuts a fabulous figure in fitted scarlett.
But today, well, it's alllllll the Jettster.
Bright red skinny jeans? Converse, in need of a good battering? Spiked, messy hair and silver jewellery?
I don't give a damn about my bad reputation.

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