The scent of something new

It was one of those bright days where, very rarely and if you're lucky, you can actually smell spring on the wind. I went and sat by the river in my lunchbreak and watched it rise (tidal, thankfully, not some disaster film). A boat caused some waves that caught me unawares so I have one Converse more battered than the other. But it tested the waterproofing of my leather satchel nicely.

If I had a familiar, it would be this guy.
I took lots of photos of the birds down by the river but I think I'll do the cool thing and save them for a post interspersed with outfit shots, like all the cool kids do.

See, I'm learning! I loved this dress when I saw it but decided it wasn't worth full price. 50% off rail, however, is a total go zone. It's the perfect fusion of Peggy and Joan. Though neither would really approve of the skirt length. There was a time when I'd never have considered wearing something that short.
Winds of change.

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  1. I love this dress, I agree totally not worth full price but with a massive % off who could resist.

    Hope everything's going well for you.

    Love Jojo