Because a) I've been too busy to post and b) the shops are insisting we think about summer, here are my two, totally conflicting style icons from summer 2011. (And always)
Joan Jett
Converse, leather, skinny jeans, studs, androgyny, messy hair (that I wish I could pull off) silver, black, crimson and clover, dark glasses and biker boys, frowns, kohl, skinny arms.

Peggy Olson
Waist belts and a-line skirts, mustard, neatness and perfection. Questionable taste in men. Sensible shoes. Bows.
With, now that I think about it, a bit of Rizzo from Grease thrown in.
This could get messy...

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  1. hahaha!! I love it. I can't wait to see how you pull this off :)