Contented Flame

Couple of outfit posts from the last few days...
Naturally, badass new hairdo needs to crack out the badass Christopher Kane for Topshop dress. I never used to like Christopher Kane because he was massively overhyped, but I did love his animal t-shirts (and his way with galaxy prints). I remember how this dress sold out in every store in London but Bristol had loads left on the shelves. We weren't quite so cool in the south-west.
Colour Block Monday came back round again. With a bright red top and a bright orange skirt, and my hair, I looked like a flame.
The last thing I bought before my shopping drought began...though most of my first paycheck will be sensibly put towards bills and deposits, I used a small portion to buy something I've wanted for a while - some Docs. And not just any Docs...Union Flag Docs.


  1. Last picture is amezzin'... making Doc's look feminine? Hello!

    The fact that the CKane dress makes it look a teeny, tiny bit like your lady area has big, guarding teeth can only make it better, right?

  2. Jo - that is EXACTLY what I thought. And what my mother thought...

  3. Nice! Bet she worded it daintily, though?

    Revisiting the beautiful 'throw me on a bed and ravish me with money' red shoes from a few weeks ago... they weren't from Office, were they? Found some similar looking ones in their website sale... but they say they're super-super high (13cm!)

  4. Do you mean the knee-high boots or the red heels? Both are from Office, yes. Boots are not too bad, but having stood on a train platform for half an hour in them, I have to agree with my delicate friend that they are probably best for posing. As are the red heels...