The power of red

What is the human fascination with the colour red?
I've started watching True Blood again from the beginning, and while the series itself makes light work of the regular appearance of blood, the early promotional material made sure that there was only one colour we associated with the sex'n'violence theme of the show.
I dyed my hair again tonight, a new dye with an additional vial of colour enhancer that transformed the relatively benign liquid into something that looked exactly like blood. It was slightly creepy, but in a weird primal way, it felt incredibly.
I've called red lipstick warpaint before. It must be a throwback to the animal instinct to brand oneself with the blood of an enemy. Or, as red lipstick is also a mark of allure, to the rising bloodflow of desire - I'm thinking of how Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan daubs red lipstick onto her sweet virginal mouth in an attempt to seduce and inspire courage in herself.
I make a habit of wearing a series of black items with a splash of colour somewhere about my person, be it just my hair or a statement piece of jewelry. But when I want to make a statement, I wear red lipstick. It's a power thing, as every girl-power moment in films will testify. It gives the wearer a feeling of allure, of superiority, of maturity and power. It makes them untouchable but it is designed to draw attention. Like in the picture above, it draws attention to the mouth. Whether that's to words of an argument or to a coy smile doesn't matter. I just know that when I need to put on armour, to feel strong and untouchable, I wear red lipstick.
And this comes just as I discover that my favourite red lipstick ever (Cherry by No7) appears to have been phased out.
Edit - panic over nothing: Cherry is not being phased out, just not stocked in a few places. I've discovered a lovely new red by Maybelline that's more glossy than most lipsticks I go for, making it long-lasting and moisturising as well as bright. And it's called 'Pleasure Me Red', which, I'm not going to lie, is part of the reason why I bought it. 


  1. I always buy Lasting Lust by MAC four at a time, in case it gets discontinued. I used to wear a variety of Chanel reds but they kept getting phased out!

  2. Maybe that's why I do well eh kiddo? Naturally dark red lips and alabaster skin on a man is rare...I doubt you remeber though. ;-) xx