Satisfying outcome

Getting my advertising hat on for a second...there are a lot of good campaigns. There are a lot of great campaigns. And then there are the ads that you just love. 
This campaign really brightens my day every time I see it. Even though the guy at the front looks a bit like Jude Law and I'm not a fan, the warmth of the colours bring an instant smile to my face. It serves as a good reminder of why, before all the louts in wifebeaters got their hands on it, Stella was chic. 
And because I have a strange obsession with the woman in the adverts. 
Unlike previous Stella girls, she's not a semi-naked blonde pin-up. She's not in an excessively revealing dress or killer heels. She's not staring wistfully/sensually at the man. Sure, she may still be associated as a pleasant side effect of drinking Stella, but this isn't the traditional woman of chauvinist ads. 
Maybe I'm reading too much into this. But there's something about the look in her eyes, the nonchalant pose, the awkward way her knee is locked and the fact that they obviously painted this awkwardness in deliberately. The fact that she's in (no longer on-trend) sensible shoes and a bright, bold, Sixties dress that is either a total turn-on or a massive turn-off. The fact that she's drawing attention to herself but challenging you to meet her eyes, not stare at her legs. And the fact that she's just a little bit Peggy. Who knew that a product that seems so blatantly aimed at men could produce an ad that so empowers women?
(Image from here.)


  1. She looks like Kate from Lost here!

  2. Saw it in cinema when we saw Limitless, me and my Belgian friend thought it was pretty chic!