Fresh flowers

So...yeah, who turned the heating up? I think I feel spring coming on!

Yep, while most bloggers take closeups of their dinner or their shoes, I take closeups of trees.
Actually, I do still have a maccaroon in the fridge. It's pink. Maybe I'll artfully photograph that next.
But not today. Today I try to mix brogues with biker, and fail...
Today I enjoy the sunshine in my mustard dress...
...and today I enjoy posing for photographs in my new place. Yes, this is an en-suite conservatory. Yes, it is all mine.
Yes, this dress is entirely see-through with the light behind it.
And yes, I am wearing the same shoes in every picture. You'd think I only had the one pair.


  1. Your house is gorgeous. Seriously, my first thought was, "I wish I had that in my house."

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  3. love the white/lace dress in the last photo, care to share where it's from?

  4. Hi,

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  5. It's a Warehouse dress - sadly from last summer!