Something Corporate

Well it looks like the good weather has broken - rained earlier today and the temperature has dropped. Silly of me to forget it's actually still only April.
Still, it was nice while it lasted.
I had a client meeting today so had to dress a little smarter than usual. This is about as corporate as I get. The dress is an ancient one from Whistles - had always wanted a Whistles dress and found this one in the sale. Like most of my old clothes, it's too big now. They have another dress in their sale at the moment that I love. Hmmm...
I had to go back to my old place this weekend and the less said about that the better, but I will miss the views from the South Bank.
I just thought this was very pretty sky - like wisps of hair.
And to round off this pointless-image-heavy post...
...now I feel like a proper blogger, posting pictures of my dessert. It was very tasty though.


  1. Hey Jo,

    Thanks for your fancy dress help. I'm not actually cutting my hair for Twiggy - way to scared. Instead I'm going to side part it and slick it back into a low bun.

    Love your pics. The colour palette looks great on you. Love the way everything compliments each other.

    Love Jojo

  2. Cool photos. I especially like the wisps of cirrus on the rich blue sky.


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