Sun down...and rise

I've had a nice relaxing break at the seaside for a week or so. Lots of sunshine, walks and time to reflect. Time to remember, and reassess. 
It's been a busy and complicated and messy life of late. I believe that this is what we are supposed to call 'growing up' and 'being human'. Making errors, wishing things were easier. Being scared. Feeling alone. 
And then, like an adult, we just have to keep calm, and carry on doing the best we can. 
But it's hard. So we just have to give the illusion that we are calm, and carrying on (yes, by doing the very mature and adult thing of whining about it here. But hey, I'm an adult, this is my space, these are my rules and my true colours. Literally.)
So...yellow and cobalt blue? I'm thinking this might be a colour-blocking week. 

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