Why Alexa Chung is a fool

Everyone's favourite PIT-girl (Pointless It Girl - I want to trademark that) Alexa Chung, has put her ballet-pumped foot in it once more. In an interview in this month's Vogue, Alexa describes blogs as 'pointless, unless you are Tavi'. 

Cue massive uproar. If bloggers didn't regard her warily before, they actively despise her now. And while Alexa has apparently responded to all the negative outpouring about her idiotic little statement, she has done little to repair the damage. 

So, why was the comment such a foolish one to make? Here are the key arguments:

Firstly, I challenge you to go to Tavi's blog and describe it as something other than a mood board. As much as I love the girl and think she's hilarious and right on in equal measures, it can't be denied that that site is as image-heavy as most others of its ilk. 

Secondly, if Alexa thinks that every blog out there (as she didn't express that she was simply referring to fashion blogs, though we have to assume that this is the case given the naviety of the statement in general) is just a mood board, it implies that this part-time columnist and once-celebrated (though admittedly godawful) presenter and journalist doesn't read very much. 

And thirdly, and probably most crucially, it shows just how out of touch this girl has become with the demographic who made her so famous. Back a few short years ago, when she was still infuriating us on Gok's Fashion Fix, most of us only really knew who she was thanks to the hundreds of sweetly syconphantic blog posts about how much they loved her latest Peter Pan-collared ensemble. The public made her a big deal. It was the public who got her her Vogue column, the public bought her Mulberry bag in droves, and now it's the public that will, with any luck, bring her down off her high horse. Someone teach that girl PR. 


    Nice one.
    Love Katy (lawrence) x

  2. Oh, yes, so many bloggers have been obsessed with her.

  3. God I read that Vogue interview and thought she sounded like an absolute twat. She needs to realise who made her famous in the first place!

  4. Just became aware of this today (well I don't read fashion magazines, I prefer street style)!

    What a jerk! I don;t like Tavi's blog, I think it's absolute crap and to discard other blogs that have some kinda merit just to praise Tavi's is just being ignorant. Come on the girls what 11? Just just posting random things (mood board alert) and everyone could do the same and be qualified as a hipster! Pfff!


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