And I made it...

So there it is. 
Thank-you to Holly Woodcock and Kathryn Tate at Elle, along with the fabulous styling, hair and make-up team and the fabulous photographer. 
I've wanted to be on the pages of Elle ever since I fell in love with fashion, by any means necessary; writing, competition entry or even a reader model piece for one of the world's biggest hair brands. So thanks to all those involved for making the dream come true. 
A big two fingers up to anyone who ever picked on me based on my appearance and who made me have a crisis on confidence in the hairdresser's chair the other week. A big two fingers up to ever thinking I was just a girl with a boy's haircut. 
No matter how I change in the future, how fashion and beauty change, and whatever I end up doing with my hair, my skin and myself, I'll always have this.
Oh happy day.

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  1. Congratulations! You look gorgeous, as always!