Right in front of you

I know it's going to be utter crap and they're going to ruin the characters, but there's just something about this poster, the ridiculous all-consuming passion that it indicates, like that photograph of the sailor kissing the nurse, the way the world has totally stopped around you while it goes rushing on at the same time. Everyone wants to have that kind of 'can't stop and stand properly on your two feet' kind of passionate love for someone, right?


  1. I've read that book! Can't wait for the movie!

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  2. I am off to see it tonight! I'll let you know how it goes although the reviews don't hold out that much hope. However, from the synopsis (I haven't read the book) it sounds quite intriguing and the poster is OH SO appealing.
    The ironic thing is, is that a book I started to write in 2008 has a VERY similar storyline. Obviously I'm kicking myself that I didn't finish it off and make millions!

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  3. Mellie - I know exactly what you mean! I started writing a book that I was very proud of then I discovered Paulo Coehlo's 'Veronica decides to die'. D'oh.
    Incidentally, I saw the film. It's alright....ish...