Autumn face

Image via Stylist, created by Alex Box
Edie Campbell for Glamour UK
Emma Watson for Elle UK
Coco Rocha via here
Big dark brows, 60s eye flicks, deep red lips, whiter than white skin, peachy cheeks. This is my inspiration for A/W beauty - whether it's a flawlessly painted canvas a la the lovely Illamasqua ladies, or a gently enhanced version of existing beauty (Emma Watson - I am the only one who thinks that that haircut is the best move she ever made). The beauty of colder weather is, unlike summer which causes your carefully applied face to slide sweatily off, the areas you want to enhance are generally brought out. Cheeks pinken, skin smooths and evens out.
Until it gets properly cold though, I'll be faking it with Illamasqua's new season colours, and their miraculous Cream Foundation. 

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