Trouser season

As autumn has finally decided to grace us with its presence (currently sitting here in a woolly jumper typing this) it's time to put aside the mini-dresses and embrace the trouser.
And thankfully, Topshop's new season is happy to oblige with some flattering smart cuts in suitably autumnal colours.
After last year's love affair with my mustard ASOS dress I picked up the shade again and plan on (much to the delight of my mother) working a series of autumnal shades - yellows, oranges, reds and browns. With a few sneaky colours thrown in (watch this space) and of course, my fail-safe black. 
Oh who am I kidding. I'll dress exactly as I want - no accents, no specific colour palettes, no agenda. 
Except great trousers. Like these budget beauties from Primark.
I made it my mission to wear heels (admittedly, mostly kitten to start with) every day this week and succeeded (with a few stumbles and wobbles, of course), in part of my ambition to live up to River Song's descriptor 'Hell in high heels'. I've experienced my fair share of hellish experiences and hellish as it is walking on the balls of your feel with no cushioning, there's few easier joys than the extra poise one gets from walking in a well-made, gorgeous, comfortable, empoweringly high pair of heels. 
I also replaced my beloved black heeled brogues, as my old ones have been polished so many times they are more green than black. Summer is the time for comfy flats. Winter is all about treading softly...four inches taller than before.

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