My first blogger event

So I finally got to move up to the exciting and cool big leagues that is the bloggers' event! Since bloggers are the new journos when it comes to the type the industry wants at its parties, and since I have a friend at a PR agency, I got an invite to the launch of Save The Children's Bag To Save A Life Appeal. Celebs from near and far and from A-list to blacklist (a bag donated by Liz Jones hung next to one donated by Erin O'Connor, the face of the initiative and, sadly, unavailable on the night) had donated their bags, and Chanel, Miu Miu and Christopher Kane hung from the walls, desperate to be touched, tried out and, ultimately, bid on to raise money for the great work done by Save The Children. 
As well as the online eBay auction of each bag, we were free to explore the rest of the store (Mary Portas' Living And Giving shop in Notting Hill), shop away, mingle and drink some bubbly while talking to fellow fashionistas. 
And admire some very stylish shopgirls - Venera, shop manager, and Marta, Volunteer. I do love girls who colour block.
And, of course, pose with the closest thing I'll get to actually touching Tilda Swinton - her Chanel bag. 
Photo by Denrele of Save The Children. Thanks to her and Lauren from House PR for the invite and a great evening!


Just have a listen

Occasionally I just like to share brilliant music with you guys. This chap's voice is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, and both he and Kimbra are generally underappreciated. Listen away to see what I mean.
UPDATE - two days' later and I'm a) still obsessed and b) still annoyed that this album hasn't been released in the UK yet. 


The magic dress

Every girl needs one. Mine is a long-sleeved, fitted dress with scooped front and back, fitted waist and A-line skirt from ASOS. I have it in mustard and red, and wish I'd bought three of each. 
Kate Winslet's is by Stella McCartney. 
Over the past few years, Kate has blasted her way onto the scene as some kind of mix of (and I hate to generalise, but I will) Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Emerging from her defining role as the pampered rich girl Rose Dewitt Bukater in Titanic, tackling more challenging roles such as Sarah in Little Children and Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and putting herself firmly back in the spotlight with her double-whammy of Oscar-nominated films at the award season in 2009, while showing off an enviable body and, in the wake of her hit of the mythical 'Best Actress Curse', a hot younger man. As well as being one of the most talented actresses of her generation, and one of our most beloved exports, she also, famously and hilariously, completely forgot Angelina Jolie's name during an acceptance speech. 
All these things make her worthy of idolising. And her dress sense ain't bad, either. In the manner of Gwyneth with that minidress for the Iron Man promo circuit, Kate is a master of the statement look on the red carpet. And this dress is a demonstration of her impeccable style - simple, elegant, bombshell and flattering with a capital F. Personally, I'm loving the white. And ignoring the horrible haters in the comments section of the site I pulled these images from. 


Sight and Sound

I posted today on one of our clients' Facebook pages about how today is the anniversary of the invention of the gramaphone (I'm a community manager as part of my job) and how music continues to inspire us. I regularly have serious issues with that awful conundrum 'blind or deaf?' But based on some of the wonderful things that have come out of gramaphones and their descendants, I'd find it pretty hard not to be able to hear things ever again.
But then again...
This is a shot from my recent time away - the boyfriend took me to stay in a castle on the coast. The sunsets, the autumn chill in the air, the sound of owls in the woods outside. Yep, the world around us is inspiring, and all the inventions that help us experience and communicate the beauty of the world is man's greatest achievement.

I used to denounce Bon Iver as a sissy wimp. Sure, he still is, a bit. But he makes pretty things, and I never could resist a song with a big ambitious wall of sound (not literally, I know it's a technical term, but you know when the music comes at you in a deluge of different notes, instruments and themes and envelopes you, allows you to pick out all its intricacies for yourself? Like that).


The changing looks of Kristen Stewart

Now, I love me some Kristen Stewart. Despite the fact that she will have to spend the rest of her life rolling her eyes at directors asking her to bite her lip after every sentence, be constantly asked to promote anti-smoking campaigns due to her regularity to do that 'breathy' voice, and constantly be abused by that irritating little ponce Perez Hilton for not grinning like Lea Bloody Michelle every single minute of the day, I am still interested to see what she does. Not that I was a fan of the weird Adventureland, but anyone who impersonates Joan Jett gets a big gold star in my book. 
Plus, the girl is hot. And she can dress.
This week has seen the premiere of her penultimate outing as Bella Swan, as Breaking Dawn hits our screens. Hell, the female population of my office is spluttering in excitement. So once again, all eyes were on the screen phenomenon's easy-on-the-eye (though, from what I hear, light on the talent) trio. Would Taylor wear a shirt? Would Robert look like a stoned tramp? Would Kristen go short or long?
Because the girl is a master at the art of the red carpet, hopping between jaw-dropping floor-length gowns or daring minidresses, keeping at least half her limbs covered at all times. Smart girl. 
With her youth, edginess (read lack of tan and dark hair) and general sass, a ballgown is always going to be a hard one to pull off. Case in point, this princess frock for a New Moon premiere.
Sure, she still looks unflappably cool, but completely out of her comfort zone in all this froth. Maybe putting such a hip hipster in such a Taylor-Swift-wet-dream-style of a dress was a stylist's push too far. 
Hmmmm, we're getting there. Breaking (see what I did there) from convention with a flash of leg and arm, this is a bad photo of a passable dress, and plays up Kristen's edgy side nicely. We're looking, possibly, at the successor to the Maggie Gyllenhaal/Kirsten Dunst quirk crown.
Phwoar, HELLO! That's more like it. Someone's been paying attention to Merlin. While I have faith that Kristen will never fully grow out of her hip twenties, at least as far as her wardrobe goes, this is proof she can do grown-up glam. 
But personally? When you've got legs that good and a complexion that flawless, why not show it off some more?

This girl is a master of the minidress, effortlessly striking the balance between trendy and tarty, and a master at that mussed-up up-do. With her tone she could wear pretty much anything, but by sticking (mostly) to minimal embellishment and block colours, she lets the shape of the dress do most of the talking, and the shape is saying that's a killer pair of legs, a great complexion, and a gorgeous girl in total control of her style. I'd high-five her, but she probably wouldn't like that. 
And, just because this is possibly my favourite premiere outfit OF ANYONE OF ALL TIME, I'll post it again. 


Movie night

I don't often go to the cinema due mostly to expect, but the boyfriend suggested a cine-date yesterday, allowing me to indulge my love of slightly naff-looking sci-fi films with a willing companion.
In Time is actually a rather good film - clever concept well-executed, simple design and, due to the convenient plot detail that all characters stop ageing after 25, everyone in it was young and hot. Nice one, writers. 
It also featured one of my favourite on-screen babes, Olivia Wilde, first flung onto my radar by The OC and bumped up nicely by her stylish turn in Tron - Legacy
Phwoar. That dramatic bob, those piercing eyes. 
Clearly the team behind In Time thought this was a good look, and modelled Amanda Seyfried's leading lady in a similar mold. Poor girl did, however, have to spend most of the film doing chase sequences in ridiculously high heels. 
Along with a lovely, emotive score courtesy of the trustworthy Craig Armstrong, it was definitely a decent night out at the movies. I could plot my next haircut and chuckle at Pete Campbell trying not to be Pete Campbell, boyfriend could covert Cillian Murphy's full-length leather jacket. 


The festive season, covered

I always find it slightly disorientating reading magazines a month early (as in December issues that are out in November and, most disturbingly, issues filled with the promise of the New Year when I'm still putting off buying Christmas presents), but what I do love is that I have beautiful, softly festive magazine covers to prepare me for the winter and the festive season. 
Aside from the very handy Kurt Geiger gift voucher, I'm loving this issue. ELLE have, in my opinion, never done a bad cover (though I don't always appreciate their choice of cover stars) but this one is perfect for the festive season, with Michelle Williams looking like a cross between Tinkerbell and Jadis in her McQueen gown, while the subscribers cover features a different dress and thus, to me, loses the festive appeal.
ELLE's covers, in comparison to the majority of other magazines in the similar monthly bracket, are simple and clean, with the strong silhuoette of the cover star being the focal point, and the cover stories never distracting or cluttering. I keep most of my back issues of ELLE purely to stare at the covers (mainly the Lindsay Lohan one from, I think, two summers ago, which is probably my favourite magazine cover ever), and this one will be added to that pile. 
Vogue, by comparison, had chosen a less than festive shot for their cover, though I loved last month's Rihanna shot (more in the style of ELLE, with a full-length photo of the star - something ELLE always do, consistently and brilliantly) was divine. But here's my favourite Vogue cover of recent times. The fact that it's incredibly similar to the one above is no coincidence. 


A little time out

I'm going away for a bit. A good friend of mine often chooses to put distance between them and their problems, but the problem is they follow you around, wherever you go, as long as you let them. 
But there is only so much you can change about your mindset when you are staring at the same four walls. So I'm going away for a little bit to stare at something different for a while, and spend more time working on my other writing project. I got my inspiration back, after all. 
See you when I get back. 


Stupid like a fox

Took it long enough, but it's finally here.
And even in the concrete jungle, the big smoke, a little bit of autumn colour gets in.
I myself am feeling a series of browns, golds and reds for the autumn, with jewel colours no doubt making a comeback when there is no colour left to emulate. This red-brown polo neck is what I would class as russet - great name. Reason enough to wear it. With matching brown eyeshadow courtesy of Chanel .
As it's also Movember, I thought I'd try a little '70s inspiration of my own to kick off the season. Shot artfully, in the dark, because that's what we have to get used to.