The changing looks of Kristen Stewart

Now, I love me some Kristen Stewart. Despite the fact that she will have to spend the rest of her life rolling her eyes at directors asking her to bite her lip after every sentence, be constantly asked to promote anti-smoking campaigns due to her regularity to do that 'breathy' voice, and constantly be abused by that irritating little ponce Perez Hilton for not grinning like Lea Bloody Michelle every single minute of the day, I am still interested to see what she does. Not that I was a fan of the weird Adventureland, but anyone who impersonates Joan Jett gets a big gold star in my book. 
Plus, the girl is hot. And she can dress.
This week has seen the premiere of her penultimate outing as Bella Swan, as Breaking Dawn hits our screens. Hell, the female population of my office is spluttering in excitement. So once again, all eyes were on the screen phenomenon's easy-on-the-eye (though, from what I hear, light on the talent) trio. Would Taylor wear a shirt? Would Robert look like a stoned tramp? Would Kristen go short or long?
Because the girl is a master at the art of the red carpet, hopping between jaw-dropping floor-length gowns or daring minidresses, keeping at least half her limbs covered at all times. Smart girl. 
With her youth, edginess (read lack of tan and dark hair) and general sass, a ballgown is always going to be a hard one to pull off. Case in point, this princess frock for a New Moon premiere.
Sure, she still looks unflappably cool, but completely out of her comfort zone in all this froth. Maybe putting such a hip hipster in such a Taylor-Swift-wet-dream-style of a dress was a stylist's push too far. 
Hmmmm, we're getting there. Breaking (see what I did there) from convention with a flash of leg and arm, this is a bad photo of a passable dress, and plays up Kristen's edgy side nicely. We're looking, possibly, at the successor to the Maggie Gyllenhaal/Kirsten Dunst quirk crown.
Phwoar, HELLO! That's more like it. Someone's been paying attention to Merlin. While I have faith that Kristen will never fully grow out of her hip twenties, at least as far as her wardrobe goes, this is proof she can do grown-up glam. 
But personally? When you've got legs that good and a complexion that flawless, why not show it off some more?

This girl is a master of the minidress, effortlessly striking the balance between trendy and tarty, and a master at that mussed-up up-do. With her tone she could wear pretty much anything, but by sticking (mostly) to minimal embellishment and block colours, she lets the shape of the dress do most of the talking, and the shape is saying that's a killer pair of legs, a great complexion, and a gorgeous girl in total control of her style. I'd high-five her, but she probably wouldn't like that. 
And, just because this is possibly my favourite premiere outfit OF ANYONE OF ALL TIME, I'll post it again. 


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  2. Thanks for your feedback Lula Shae. I am not homophobic in any way and have no problem with Perez Hilton based on his sexuality, but he is also a man who makes a career out of judgemental, cruel remarks and has regularly made similar speculations about other individuals - while his sexuality is public knowledge, he deals in rumours, lies and the kind of bitchiness that you appear to be objecting to. If, however, I'd speculated on the fact that he was gay, then we'd have an issue.
    I appreciate the attention and will watch it in the future, though!