The festive season, covered

I always find it slightly disorientating reading magazines a month early (as in December issues that are out in November and, most disturbingly, issues filled with the promise of the New Year when I'm still putting off buying Christmas presents), but what I do love is that I have beautiful, softly festive magazine covers to prepare me for the winter and the festive season. 
Aside from the very handy Kurt Geiger gift voucher, I'm loving this issue. ELLE have, in my opinion, never done a bad cover (though I don't always appreciate their choice of cover stars) but this one is perfect for the festive season, with Michelle Williams looking like a cross between Tinkerbell and Jadis in her McQueen gown, while the subscribers cover features a different dress and thus, to me, loses the festive appeal.
ELLE's covers, in comparison to the majority of other magazines in the similar monthly bracket, are simple and clean, with the strong silhuoette of the cover star being the focal point, and the cover stories never distracting or cluttering. I keep most of my back issues of ELLE purely to stare at the covers (mainly the Lindsay Lohan one from, I think, two summers ago, which is probably my favourite magazine cover ever), and this one will be added to that pile. 
Vogue, by comparison, had chosen a less than festive shot for their cover, though I loved last month's Rihanna shot (more in the style of ELLE, with a full-length photo of the star - something ELLE always do, consistently and brilliantly) was divine. But here's my favourite Vogue cover of recent times. The fact that it's incredibly similar to the one above is no coincidence. 


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