Movie night

I don't often go to the cinema due mostly to expect, but the boyfriend suggested a cine-date yesterday, allowing me to indulge my love of slightly naff-looking sci-fi films with a willing companion.
In Time is actually a rather good film - clever concept well-executed, simple design and, due to the convenient plot detail that all characters stop ageing after 25, everyone in it was young and hot. Nice one, writers. 
It also featured one of my favourite on-screen babes, Olivia Wilde, first flung onto my radar by The OC and bumped up nicely by her stylish turn in Tron - Legacy
Phwoar. That dramatic bob, those piercing eyes. 
Clearly the team behind In Time thought this was a good look, and modelled Amanda Seyfried's leading lady in a similar mold. Poor girl did, however, have to spend most of the film doing chase sequences in ridiculously high heels. 
Along with a lovely, emotive score courtesy of the trustworthy Craig Armstrong, it was definitely a decent night out at the movies. I could plot my next haircut and chuckle at Pete Campbell trying not to be Pete Campbell, boyfriend could covert Cillian Murphy's full-length leather jacket. 

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