My first blogger event

So I finally got to move up to the exciting and cool big leagues that is the bloggers' event! Since bloggers are the new journos when it comes to the type the industry wants at its parties, and since I have a friend at a PR agency, I got an invite to the launch of Save The Children's Bag To Save A Life Appeal. Celebs from near and far and from A-list to blacklist (a bag donated by Liz Jones hung next to one donated by Erin O'Connor, the face of the initiative and, sadly, unavailable on the night) had donated their bags, and Chanel, Miu Miu and Christopher Kane hung from the walls, desperate to be touched, tried out and, ultimately, bid on to raise money for the great work done by Save The Children. 
As well as the online eBay auction of each bag, we were free to explore the rest of the store (Mary Portas' Living And Giving shop in Notting Hill), shop away, mingle and drink some bubbly while talking to fellow fashionistas. 
And admire some very stylish shopgirls - Venera, shop manager, and Marta, Volunteer. I do love girls who colour block.
And, of course, pose with the closest thing I'll get to actually touching Tilda Swinton - her Chanel bag. 
Photo by Denrele of Save The Children. Thanks to her and Lauren from House PR for the invite and a great evening!

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  1. Hey, I love meeting up with others at blogger events. I hardly ever get the chance to go due to work so always love it when I can.

    Hope all's well?
    Jojo xxx


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