Sight and Sound

I posted today on one of our clients' Facebook pages about how today is the anniversary of the invention of the gramaphone (I'm a community manager as part of my job) and how music continues to inspire us. I regularly have serious issues with that awful conundrum 'blind or deaf?' But based on some of the wonderful things that have come out of gramaphones and their descendants, I'd find it pretty hard not to be able to hear things ever again.
But then again...
This is a shot from my recent time away - the boyfriend took me to stay in a castle on the coast. The sunsets, the autumn chill in the air, the sound of owls in the woods outside. Yep, the world around us is inspiring, and all the inventions that help us experience and communicate the beauty of the world is man's greatest achievement.

I used to denounce Bon Iver as a sissy wimp. Sure, he still is, a bit. But he makes pretty things, and I never could resist a song with a big ambitious wall of sound (not literally, I know it's a technical term, but you know when the music comes at you in a deluge of different notes, instruments and themes and envelopes you, allows you to pick out all its intricacies for yourself? Like that).

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