Totally appropriate family viewing

In previous years, Boxing Day was the day that my family went to the local pantomime. But since multiplex took over from humble theatre, we instead found a play to see on the 23rd and went to the cinema on the 27th to see the much-anticipated Hollywood version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Giving a book that is macabre, gritty and complex to Fincher was probably the best option when giving this series the Hollywood treatment, and from the Bond-style opening credits and the first few notes of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' melancholy, minimalist score, you are comfortable that you won't be witnessing a butchering. A combination of a subtly starry cast, led by a well-restrained Daniel Craig, some stunning shots and the exception Rooney Mara, who deserves at least an Oscar nod if not the statuette itself for her cold, clinical yet strangely vulnerable and often bitingly funny Lisbeth, carry the film through a tense and engrossing two and a half hours that you barely notice dragging.
Murder, family feuds, Nazis, sexual violence and a whole lot of body piercings would not normally be considered festive fayre. But when the package is this good, the performances this strong, and you get to watch, in the manner of Carey Mulligan in 'An Education', a truly star-birthing performance from Mara, you can definitely afford to take a break from the sloppy festive tv schedule for a while. 
Also, they have a beautiful cover of my favourite Bryan Ferry song in the credits, so that's also a win.


Merry Christmas

May you get all you desire.


I will love you 'til the end of time

There's been a lot of talk about Lana Del Ray and whether or not she's fake. How strange she looks with her bubblegum beauty, puffy lips and sullen, sultry voice. Is she really like that? Who even cares, when she sounds this good?


Generally rad things

This week has been about generally rad, rock and hardcore things.
Number One - blackberry lips. Stylist allowed Nigella Lawson to guest-edit an issue, and while the majority of the written content was Nigella and cohorts waxing orgasmic about steak and caramel, the beauty shoot, naturally inspired by edible things, exposed me to yet another stunning piece of brilliance from the Stylist beauty team (I'm 99% sure that their beauty features rung rings round pretty much every other magazine out there).
Phwoar. Yummy. Blackberry lip for the win (the printed photo is actually a lot darker and looks, in my opinion, much more appetising). The lipstick and gloss used to create the look are both by MAC, and being the obsessive lipstick fan that I am I hot-footed it to Selfridges to grab the kit. 
And then I got to encounter Number Two - Gareth Pugh for MAC. 

One of my favourite designers (angular, structural, dark, Gothic and Byronic) combined with my second-favourite make-up line? (Sorry guys - Illamasqua's bases are streets ahead) I WAS IN. 
Sadly the collection is relatively modest, with only two colours of each product. I might be buying the oilslick nail varnish to match my beloved oilslick Gucci tote bag, but by and large I'll just be pawing the packaging. Great collaboration though, and in a world heavy with them, it seemed like a natural pairing and a great output. 
Talking of collaborations...I went to the cinema last night and easily the best part of the whole trip was seeing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trailer on a big screen. I'll admit, when I first got wind of this remake, I did the standard 'all Hollywood remakes are shite' inner monologue that my mum trots out all the time, but the more the names started to leap out at me (Fincher, Mara) the more intrigued I became. And the names that got me REALLY excited? Trent Reznor and Karen O, covering 'Immigrant Song' for the film and its trailer. Reznor has also composed the soundtrack. And if The Social Network is anything to go by, soundtrack geeks like me are in for a treat. 
Go this way to watch an eight-minute clip (read 'really long trailer') for the film. Consider my appetite whetted.  
This has been your weekly dispatch of rad. Enjoy. 


We're just Barbie dolls

So you're telling me that H&M, tired of trawling through the cream of the crop to find a model with the perfect body to showcase its swimsuits and underwear sets, was so dissatisfied that it created its own virtual models in Photoshop?

Two conflicting things are going round in my head. One is that today's women are, here, being taunted by a retailer that's sole goal is to keep them interested enough to give it their money that they will NEVER be able to look this good in their clothing, because no-one, not even models, can. And the other is that we should boycott H&M and eat more cake.