Going for Gold on the Red Carpet - Golden Globes 2012

Awards Season has kicked off, and the cream of Hollywood's crop are practicing their best hip pops and chignons for the seemingly endless red carpet that stretches through the next few months.
So once again I, gleefully, get to shamelessly steal pictures from various newspapers' websites and deliver my biting verdict on the sartorial hits and misses.
This is the Golden Globes 2012 Edition.
And it's Hollywood's supreme power couple, flown all the way in from Madame Tussauds! Maybe not, but there's something worryingly anamatronic about Brad'n'Ange here. Nothing wrong with Ange's dress, though - most of the 'net is hating on it, but for once I am loving her style. Perfect shade so as not to wash her out, and daring with that flash of red. 
Slightly more of a miss in the couple states are Nicole'n'Keith. A gorgeously detailed dress somehow wasted on Nicole. Maybe an up do and a bright lip could have saved it.
Our girl Kate has walked enough red carpets to be an absolute pro at looking good by now, and this great dress accentuates her enviable hourglass figure perfectly. 
From the simple to the...well, not so simple. As much as I hate her show, I can't deny that Dianna Agron is one heck of a good dresser. 
Ah, a much better show. And as sad as I am that they killed her character off, I'm please that Evan Rachel Wood has moved on to bigger and better things, notably dressing like a bird of paradise and, if rumours are to be believed, succumbing to the mating dance of one Jamie Bell...
This is apparently the girl we HAVE to watch - I'm yet to see a film with Jessica Chastain in, but my good friend iFlicks has been busily singing her praises. I'm a bit indifferent about this outfit, however. But then, I'm not a fan of long-haired actresses obscuring a feature neckline with their hair. 
And here's an actress obscuring a dress with her hair! Great dress, great colour, cheap-looking fabric and one weird shade of bleach, Kelly. Black or blonde are far easier to match to. But kudos to her for daring to be different, as always. 
Has Leah Michele's Glee character done a J-Lo cover yet? If not, this is a not-so-subtle hint to the writers to give her one. Zing. 
Oh look, Michele Williams being cute. How, erm, cute? A lovely dress - simple cut, great colour and fabric, but too grown up and sophisticated for this lady, who will permanently look 16. I blame the smile. And the fact that she's just CUTE AS A LITTLE BUTTON. 
That's a tip for Michelle! Wear a hot dress, look generally hot and resolutely refuse to look remotely interested! God damn you Mila Kunis and your utter, utter nonchalance. It's so cool. 
Another dress loathed by the 'net is that of Mila's Black Swan buddy, Natalie Portman. I love the shade of this dress, perfect against Natalie's hair and skintone, but something about the side bustle ruins the effect a tad. Kudos to Natalie, however, for still looking so slim in this massive dress. 
Another way to look great in any dress is to have a very high metabolism and not put on weight. Ok, so maybe that's just Lisbeth Salander, but Rooney Mara is OWNING this promo circuit for her ticket to the Oscar inner circle (yes, I'm backing her. Because I love an underdog with an undercut). Keeping it black, black and more black, with just a hint of grey, Rooney is promoting her character even when not in character. Well done that woman.
Rooney takes bronze in my list of the best dressed at this year's Globes, and it was a hard fight to chose between her and Emma Stone for the number two spot. 
In the end, though, due to my current obsession with cranberry, red wavy hair and Easy A, I had to applaud this look by Stone. Partly because she is great at accessorising, letting this stand-out vintage-look belt stand alone. 
And now, for the number one spot. Hands down, no contest, blew-me-away winner.
BASK IN HER MAGNIFICENCE. Ice blue, white-blonde hair in a gravity-defying quiff, flawlessly cut and styled ensemble. The White Witch of the Red Carpet. Fear her, simpering starlets. 
(All images via Hollywood Reporter)

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