The importance of chilling out

I have a challenge for all people like me who are addicted to digital, social, or just distraction. Who find it impossible to switch off, even for five minutes, and who twitch nervously without a link to the outside world. 
Turn off the lights, ignore your phone, lie in the dark and close your eyes. Listen to this. 
For a full fifteen minutes, do nothing, think of nothing but the music. Think of pictures, good memories, how it makes you feel. Do this with any track you like. 
Often, we forget that pieces of art like this aren't designed as background installations for life. They are designed to be appreciated. As is our free time, as is peace, as are we. 
If you can switch off, and just listen, for fifteen minutes, you are coming closer to that 'chilled out' state we all dream of.
Sunday is the day of rest. Rest and refresh your mind, even for fifteen minutes.

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