Merry Cranberry

So we have to now officially have all Christmassy paraphernalia removed from our lives, for another eleven months. I still need to get rid of the Christmas carols from my iPod and am frantically burning my 'Christmas Spice' candle. I always reach the end of Christmas with a dread, the post-Christmas crash, convinced that I'll hate spring and summer and only feel happy in the cold. But then I remember SAD and look forward to whatever the seasons bring. Not that we've really had a proper winter. 
I comfort-watched Pretty In Pink last night to renew my adoration of Molly Ringwald, the queen of the 80s scene that I apparently resemble. What a dream! 
It got me back into the idea of wearing slightly crazy, zany vintage clothes, so I raided a few vintage shops in SoHo wearing various shades of pink, carrying my Christmas/birthday/new job present bag.
Yes, I now have three of this design of bag. And there's a BEAUTIFUL green one out for the new season that WILL be mine. 

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