The original and still the best

One of my birthday presents was a subscription to Elle, but today I stole my housemate's Vogue and was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it feature a gorgeous shoot with Florence Welch (pretentious yet inspirational) but it reminded me why I love Agyness Deyn so much

This is the same girl that looks suitably androgynous in a Doc Martens campaign, utilising her coquettish charm to make these supposedly super-sophisticated, feminine looks into something quirky, modern and far less intimidating for any girl to try. God bless Agyness Deyn, and her mastery of the art of androgyny. Truly, the sexiest woman around. 

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  1. I agree. Aggy is the most versatile, she can pull off androgynous and the most feminine of outfits. I love her.

    Jojo x