The shame - Oscar Nominations 2012

I should have known by now not to put faith in the idiotic crumblies that have an Oscar ballot in their hands, and this year has made sure to crush my faith for good. 
In short...this film...
...got fewer nominations than this film.
It got the same number of nominations as this film...
This actress...
...didn't get a nomination.
Neither did this actor...
...or this actor.
This actor did. 
Yep. That guy from Superbad. 
I think my reaction to the whole sham can be summed up by the expression on Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely's face on the Transformers 3 poster. Blank incredulity. Heck, why didn't SHE get nominated for an Oscar?
The only bright spot in this whole episode was that THIS actress, like Carey Mulligan and Jennifer Lawrence before her, got a Best Actress nod for her first starring, scene-stealing role. 
Read the full list here


  1. Yeah...Jonah Hill? Seriously??? Disgusting. Fassbender deserves that nomination for "Shame". It was the best performance of the year, period. Not Pitt. And "Tin Tin" not in the best animated feature? BS! I'm in complete agreement with you. The last time I was this disgusted was when "Gladiator" won.

  2. The fact that this is the same Academy that gave The Hurt Locker an Oscar over Avatar just confuses me. What the heck happened? I'm going to do a follow-up post on why Shame got excluded, as I'm yet to write about my feelings on Shame and thought it should be left until people had had a chance to see it!

    1. I disagree with you on Avatar. I though it lacked depth. Yes, the FX were amazing but everything else left so much to be desired in terms of Best Picture. I did not think it even deserved to be nominated. Granted, I'm not sure if Hurt Locker deserved the Oscar but I will admit that I was relieved it was not Avatar. But I never thought that Titanic deserved the Oscar, nor Gladiator...nor so many others...Must stop now before I become ticked off. ;-)

  3. This post is so funny, man I never watch shows like that! Proably for that reason

  4. Ugh I agree! I hated tin tin!!

  5. No, Hell, I agree on Avatar. What I mean is that it's strange that an Academy that gave credit to a lower budget film with a great plot over a bloated box office juggernaut one year has now done completely the reverse.

    1. Ahaha! I completely misunderstood your post about Avatar...as you noticed. I think that some members of the Academy (Spielberg, the Weinstein brothers, Cruise, etc) missed voting/were playing golf that year, that's why the fluke-y wins. Were there ANY films/actors nominated this year that weren't from Spielberg/Weinstein/establishement films??!!

  6. And thanks for your comments and reads, everyone!