Grazia beats down Rihanna

I was absolutely incensed not by the news of the (clearly staged for promo purposes and to give slavering journalists a juicy bone) reunion between Chris Brown and Rihanna, but by the way that the mainstream media seems to think it fit to assign Rihanna the post of Patron Saint of Domestic Violence Victims without any consultation, then has the audacity to abuse her for going against said title. She's already a victim of abuse, can you not make her a victim of unfounded press hatred? I get that you have to peddle your magazines somehow and I applaud your sensationalist headline, but by beating down the victims like Rihanna you are undermining the incredible complexities of women trapped in abusive relationships with men that they love. Maybe if the press stopped demonising Rihanna for taking back Chris, and started actually giving Chris a little stick, then we might see a reduction in violent crimes of this nature. The power to change that perception is in your hands. So use it properly.

(This post was copied word for word from an email I sent to Grazia on the subject. I'm guessing my 'Letter of the Week' freebies days are over.)

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