UniLad - a quick follow-up

I've been a fan for my university's meme page for a week or so now, and so far the majority of the memes have related to the humorous side of university life. 
But recently, the page has become a place to trivialise what is currently a contentious feminist issue on campus. An external company is introducing 'Miss Undergraduate' - from what I understand this is not affiliated directly with the university, but is only taking place on the specific university's campus. There is no swimwear round, but I believe that there is an equivalent. Unsurprisingly, this has riled groups on campus, yet, at a university that is basing the majority of its memes on how it is more intelligent than another university in the same city, they are chosing to respond to this in an unintelligent way. 
The line being peddled by this Russell Group university's bright young minds? 'Anyone protesting against Miss Undergrad just needs to get laid'. 
Here's one of the memes. We see the tradition Exhibit A - angry-looking feminist types, and Exhibit B - the hot girls who, apparently, have no problem with being objectified. 
I'd like to introduce Exhibit C - women. Fat, thin, models, mortals, smart, stupid, old, young. And I'd like Exhibit C to pound down anyone who tries to put us until Exhibit A or B boxes again.

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