RedHead recommends - Lush Coalface Cleanser

In the spirit of the excessive amount of beauty products, hair products and make-up I generally try and buy I thought I'd turn my hand to writing about some of it, as it's far easier to snap an Instagram pic (yes, I'm an Android user who's still excited about it) of daily make-up or a product than it is to get an outfit post set up in this hideous April weather.

I recently discovered a great beauty blog, Beauty's Bad Habit, run by a lady with a flair for eye make-up (and is masterful at photographing it it). On it, she recommended Coalface, a facial and body cleanser from Lush, using liquorice extract and finely ground charcoal to exfoliate and cleanse.

Now, having always fallen into the Body Shop camp and being put off by the bathbomb scents that wafted from Lush previously I've never been a fan. But of late, a change seems to have occurred - fewer overwhelming fizzy bath bombs, more great-smelling, innovative products.

Having naturally oily skin and wearing a decent amount of make-up means that I'm always on the hunt for a good face wash that doesn't dry out the skin (not that any cleanser has ever given me this problem) and produces lasting results. And I think I've actually found one.
How to use - My new friend the salesgirl at Lush carved me off a decent slice of the Coalface block and advised me to lather the bar up and rub directly onto the face. I advise/prefer to carve a small sliver off that lasts about six washes - avoids drying the whole bar out as I have no soap dish. Lather up under water until you've got a decent quantity of bubbles/grains and go!

Results - Lily of Beauty's Bad Habit raved about how she saw results within days and she's not wrong - my skin feels clearer, fresher and usual patches that are prone to redness and spots have noticeably reduced. Plus, I've hardly made a dent in the bar after two weeks, so it's decent value for money.

Use if - You like your skin squeaky-clean. Previously I've been advised against using soaps that completely strip the skin of oil, as it forces the skin to go into oil-producing overdrive. This, I find, strikes the right balance. The charcoal in the soap eliminates excess oil, while the liquorice infusion softens and moisturises (and makes your face smell nice!) 

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